Tapestry of Life

A discussion of the threads that are intertwined in a woman's life that creates her unique tapestry.

Location: Oregon, United States

Went to school for a degree in Accounting and a masters in Organization Development. Did a 15 year stint in Corporate Life and have owned several businesses. I'm a wife, mother, grandmother and a member of many extended families.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Dark Threads

What happens when the threads of your tapestry is dark, does it really mean that there is a dark part of your life, or is it as simple as the fact it is nothing more than shading for something that is wonderful? I attended a rodeo for the first time several weeks ago. I actually bought a cowboy hat. Or is it a cowgirl hat cause I'm a woman? Anyhoo.... Saw the cowboys get bucked off a horse and bull. Boy that bull wasn't happy, tossed the cowboy then swung around and horned him to the skies!!! Now one can say that day for the cowboy sucked with all of those dark threads...but, I have to confess I loved it, whoooping and hollering, shocked myself...but it was fun.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Over the last several days I have spent time with my Mother who is dying. Dying in what I consider a rather drawn out and cruel way. A good Christian women, a wife of a minister, a Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. A woman that gave much to others and did not get a lot out of life. It started me thinking about all of the women who go about their business the best way they can. But what choices create that life? I want to look back, forward and question the real concept of hero.